About SONIC JOY Records:

SONIC JOY Records is a record label by producer John Meisel, it has a very personal approach, reflecting John's fascination for unique & emotional modern music styles. 

Being a composer, songwriter, music & vocal-producer, John felt inspired to feature high-end projects via this young label. 

SONIC JOY Records are releasing productions featuring John's music and world class vocalists.

Our mission is to entertain you in original SONIC ways & we give our best to provide a JOYful listening experience! 

SONIC JOY  artworks, designs & graphics are realized by the fabulous C.C. 

Video & After Effects editing by Imed Samti

Webdesign by C.C:

Thanks to Nikos, Caro, Leander, Sikandar, Nami, Willis, Charly, Imed 

Special thanks to lawyer Klaus